Breathtaking style will transform your spa interior into a soothing and tranquil environment.  Sky blues, cool grays, lavender accents, creamy whites.  An interior that fuses modern elements with zen details.  Organic simplicity, water elements, stainless steel construction.  Pure Spa—Pure Design—Engaging Decor.

Blomus Exterior SpaceCaptivating this tranquil space has all the elements for an relaxing spa.  Fusing of  fire and water elements against a soft warm color palette.  You immediately feel at ease.  The fusing of style is evident with the modern water feature and rustic wood floor.

Reclining BuddhaAdd a interesting sculpture for personal reflection,like this reclining Buddha from

Incorporate natural elements to help clients reconnect.  It can be as simple as this piece of artwork, or a vase of flowers set on a table. Check out the large variety of spa inspired organic artwork at

Reed VasesAdd tranquil spa blue but with accents like these reed bottle vases.  Perfect in a cluster to add interest and easily change up your interior style, even if just for the season!

Essential Feng Shui Tips for the Spa

Begin to understand some essential feng shui principles for the spa.  We spoke with Feng Shui Consultant, Beata Kulitskaya from Double Happiness Studio for insight.

  • Water features are both beautiful and essential for the spa.  They create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere; which also helps to activate the career area (main entrance).  Water features attract new clients and improve business. 

Asian Candle Water FountainAsian Candle Foutain – Visit http://www.spadecor for other tranquil water fountains

  • The location of the reception desk is very important to the well-being of both the employee and guests.  Locate the desk adjacent and not parallel to the front entrance.  The ideal location would be the Financial or Fame sector of the spa.
  • Use mirrors in spaces where you need to cure an awkward area, like a narrow hallway or a dead end room.   A mirror directly across from the main entrance/door will cause the positive energy to move away and negatively influence the business.

Delroy MirrorThe Delroy Mirror- Visit for a variety of fabulous mirrors

  • The use of color in achieving a well balanced space is key.  Colors play an important role in creating positive and welcoming environment in the spa.  Too little or too much of any element changes the balance and interior atmosphere.  Artwork is an easy way to bring in different colors and help create the proper balance and harmony needed for the spa.

Tranquil Afternoon ArtworkTranquil Afternoon Artwork- find amazing art for your space

  • Keeping your central (health sector)  spa area clean, organized, and beautiful will promote a healthy environment, especially for clients who come to the spa for healing purposes.
  • The ideal location for the owner’s office is in the Financial, Relationship, or Fame sector of the spa.  Make sure to keep the location of the desk in a commanding position.  This allows you to see everyone who is entering the office.
  • When talking about the different sectors of the spa, the relationship sector (far right corner) is very important.  This area should be beautiful and clean to promote healthy relationships between the owner and clients, the owner and staff, and the staff and clients.  A happy staff will always attract happy clients who will be eager to return for services again and again.

Double Happiness Feng Shui Studio

Double Happiness Studio provides Feng Shui consultations for residential and commercial spaces. Feng Shui is decoration with the purpose to create a harmonious, healthy environment to be more successful, happy and productive in life. Beata Kulitskaya, the founder, draws from an international base of training and experience to provide recommendations and solutions tailored to each individual client.  Her practice is based in Glen Ellyn, IL  and works with clients throughout the Chicago metro area. Visit her website to learn more about Feng Shui and her practice: .

I am loving the spa interior movement that is putting out environments that cannot be defined by a particular style class.  These environments  are sophisticated, fashion-forward and timeless.  Case and point:  this Portuguese spa and haven, situated in a historical building in the heart of Lisbon’s old town is adorned with classic styles (Eames, Gehry) and vintage pieces while fusing modern touches with rich pallets.  The flux from light and airy to exotic and almost primitive demonstrates typical Portuguese flair and fashion yet keeps us guessing.

Modern Mix of Classic Style and Vintage Pieces.

Eclectic Decor has rich pallets and vibrant color.

The salon is light and airy in direct contrast with the spa rooms.

Oh, and be sure to check out the spa owner’s brilliant 2010 Summer Fashion Collection.   I’ll take one of each!


Color Trend: Spicy reds, browns, and pinks are the color of the season.  Accent your spa with comforting details that romanticize your guests including a warm bath filled with fragrant colorful flowers, soft cushy slippers, aromatic candles and fresh blooms.  Embellish your couples retreat with bamboo cotton linens and global fusion of exotic harmonies and ambient grooves.  Finish it all with a touch of decadence: rose champaign and red velvet cupcakes.

Rich warm browns tones create a candlelit glow around the room.  Add new pamper me textures like plush linens, blankets, cozy slippers,  or sheer draperies to further the mood.  Great example of subtle use of seasonal colors with the fresh hot pink flower blooms floating in water, you can see it just melts your soul!

This spa interior has warm dramatic wood tones, a variety of textures, and what’s that- Yes, it’s Fucshia!  Add a little sophisticated fun with small pops of this youthful color to differentiate your spa-goers experience.  What an amazing place to travel for an out of this world experience!

Make your spa a special retreat this Valentines Day season.  Create a atmosphere where couples can commune with soft fabrics, flickering candles and romantic touches.  One of the most important elements in a spa interior is a quiet atmosphere.  Adequate soundproofing in your walls between your treatment rooms is the best way to ensure your guests have privacy and a relaxing experience.   A curtain wall made from a beautiful fabric helps to absorb sound.  Another important detail is candle light which is synonymous with both spas and dreamy, romantic moments.  Spas today are using LED candles to create the illusion of a flame which is a cost effective and practical alternative to real candles.   A simple way to spruce up your treatment room for a special event is to simply change the linens.  A  new blanket or a decorative saddle can add a pop of color.  Top it off with a beautiful tray and an organic accent for an extraordinary couple’s escape.

The Four Seasons Miami

Candlelight and quiet moments can be found in a tropical metropolis at The Four Seasons Spa in Miami.  Create a healing retreat from the everyday with soft light, gauzy curtains and a quiet fairytale garden.

The Spa and Hotel de le Bretesche in Brittany

Hands down, France is one of the first places that comes to mind when you think of a romantic retreat.  The Spa & Hotel de la Bretesche is an idyllic, peaceful French chateau located in the countryside of Brittany.  Take long walks along the manicured grounds and relax in unparalleled luxury.  The spa’s design is surprisingly modern, making this old world architectural gem an even more intriguing place to visit.

The Spa at Mayflower Inn

This dreamy spa & inn is located in beautiful New England, just two hours from New York City.  This charming retreat also offers the highest in luxury.  What a perfect place to slip away with your sweetie! A beautifully neutral color palette combined with sensual textures and cozy spa furniture make the Mayflower Inn an inviting hideaway.

Complete the mood with serene, healing music.  Sound Healing is an inspiring collection of peaceful music by sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson.  This music was specifically created to help people relax and lower stress levels and will give your spa a healing atmosphere.

What’s Valentine’s Day without some sweet treats?!  Treat yourself or your sweetie with a yummy cupcake.  The first is a homemade confection by Alicia of the “Confessions of a Bakeaholic” blog.  Get the recipe here –

The second is a Raspberry Lemonade cupcake by Chicago’s own Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique…  ya, I know, I’m drooling too…

Warm up your spa interior this Valentine’s Day with the glow of candlelight.  Indulging your guests with some sweet treats?  Make your desserts even more enticing with  adorable covered cake stands from

How do you make your spa special for Valentine’s Day and couple’s getaways?

One of the most important details in any spa interior is how to engage the senses.  There are many ways to appeal to your guests’ sense of sight, touch, taste, sound and  smell.  Tranquil music for sound, plush robes for touch, a vase of fresh flowers for sight, a tray of spa snacks for taste and a fragrance diffuser for smell are simple and easy ways to accomplish this.  The sense of smell is one of the strongest as it is tied to emotions and memories. Keep scents subtle and seasonal to help guests connect to the space.

Spa Fragrance Diffuser

A Functional and Fab way to Engage the Senses.

These diffusers are small enough to be placed on a candle shelf or in a corner. They have a quiet beauty that blends with any interior. We love the bamboo accent!

Spa Music & Sounds

Check out the wide variety of Healing Spa Sounds and Music to help promote wellness, relaxation, and create an overall tranquil retreat.  These will help open your guests to receive the healing benefits of the spa.

Start the spa journey off right with these oh so cozy shawl collared robes by Kashwere.  Featured as one of Oprah’s favorite things!  Soft and luxe, this also makes a great gift for any spa-goer.  Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Adding artwork throughout your spa interior is a simple easy way to add interest and comfort to your space.  Cluster artwork in groups for maximum effect. Don’t be afraid to pair photography with abstract art and various mediums of different shapes and sizes to create a unique and sophisticated focal point.  A few examples of artwork in cool spa blues are featured below.

Nightshade I & II

Two long linear prints colored with the hues of twilight.  Matted and framed with a 1 1/4″ Natural Espresso wood frame and non-glare glass.

Framed Size: 36″H x 18″W  Print Size: 9″W x 27″H

Static Impulse by T. Graham

Abstract artwork matted and framed with a 2 1/4″ Espresso Wood Frame.

Outside Dimensions: 24″ x 24″   Print Dimensions 15″ x 15″

Natural Expression II by Sara Abbott

The beauty of trees reflected over water are the subject of this piece.

Matted and framed with a 1 5/8″ metallic silver frame.

Preview and shop for more artwork at!

The snow is falling, it’s chilly outside, and the days are shorter – now is the time to create a winter retreat and get warm and cozy by the fireplace.  Don’t have one?  Don’t worry!!  We have some great modern fireplaces that don’t require any gas lines OR firewood.  You can place them anywhere in your spa interior to add the ambiance and warmth that only a  real fireplace can provide.

The Vidro Floor Fireplace

No wall space?  This beautiful fireplace is made with stainless steel and safety glass and can be placed practically anywhere in your spa.  It uses ethanol fuel for ventless, odorless operation.   Find it in the Luxury Upgrades section of



 The Chimo Small Fireplace

This modern stainless steel fireplace mounts directly to your wall, and doesn’t require a chimney! It also uses ethanol fuel, and the height of the flame can be adjusted.   The Chimo fireplace is an easy alternative to adding a fireplace into your spa design.



Vidro Wall Fireplace

This impressive wall-mounted fireplace  uses ethanol fuel, and requires no chimney making it easy to install anywhere in your spa interior.

All our featured fireplaces are available in the Fire Elements category of our Luxury Upgrades at 



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