May 2010

Sleek and contemporary with touches of baroque, black is definately back.  Softer and more sophisticated, today’s black has hints of aubergine, olive and chocolate hues.  In direct contrast from the past’s trendy white spaces, bold black makes a strong dramatic statement and offers extravagance and theatrics for a devine spa experience.

Vamp Flooring by Amtico

Today’s black is all about high constrast and lots of darkness.  Interesting lighting is the single most important detail for creating an alluring and comfortable spa environment when designing with black.

Soothing and tranquil, charcoal and ebony create the framework for a renewed water experience.  The Bathhouse is one of my favorate spa escapes!

This is definately NOT your basic black!  Award wining Globe Salon in Las Vegas does black right. 

Caviar Cluster Chandelier

A beautiful chandelier, pendant, or wall sconce adds opulence to a dark space.  The new Caviar Cluster chandelier is the perfect compliment.

Pinstripe Pendant

For classic, refined style look to the Pinstripe Collection.

Stella Wall Sconce

Modern lines are paired with organic iron flowers in the Stella wall sconce.

Welcome back black!


Help your guests sink into a deeper state of relaxation with details that inspire comfort and transformation.  Accessorizing is one of the most important elements in a treatment room.  Simple or even elaborate, meaningful pieces will help your guests connect to the space.

Tip #1.  Find an empty corner.  An oversized urn next to a plentiful plant will fill in the space.  Drape a beautiful fabric to add warmth and comfort.  Plug-in an up-light behind the arrangment for maximum effect.

Tip #2.  Don’t be afraid to overdo it.  Add some shelving for displaying varying shapes of full-neck bottles, tall vases and an oblong container.  An exotic floral detail takes center stage when it is placed in one of the pieces.

Tip #3.  Add color.  The best place to commit to color is in your accessorizies.  As seasons come and go and trends change, update your space with new color to keep your guests interested and engaged for a big return on little investment.

Tip #4.  Decorate your walls.  Guests will appreciate the extra touch and thoughtfulness.  Use various mediums to adorn your walls such as this sculptural piece of nature for depth and character.

Tip #5.  Rock a cool counter lamp!  Your best bet for creating ambience and adding warmth.  We love this line for it’s handmade qualities of natural fibers.  It combines art with light for a unique and beautiful glow, perfect for any treatment room.

Creating a memorable & relaxing atmosphere is an important part of every spa owner’s business, and the spa lunch is no exception.  Whether you offer a few snacks or a full menu, taking a little extra time to prepare a beautiful table setting will make your guests feel extra special and pampered.


Create a fresh color scheme with napkins, artful vases, bright blossoms, and natural elements.

Intimate Outdoor Dining from Sunset Magazine

If you have an outdoor space available, create an intimate outdoor dining area.  Add drama and sweetness with flickering candle light – and don’t forget the bug repellent!  For a natural alternative to pesticides, try Mosquito Barrier – – an all natural garlic spray  (Don’t worry, a few minutes after being sprayed people can no longer smell the garlic!)

Tara Domes

Keep your delectable dishes and desserts safe outdoors with Tara Glass Domes.

Table Setting by Colleen Mullaney

An inspiring table setting by Colleen Mullaney.

If you haven’t already added spa lunches and snacks to your menu, consider introducing catered snacks and lite lunches to your spa packages.

Transform the ordinary into something extraordinary with the power of mosaics.  These tiles comes in just about any imaginable color, size, and finish.  Use them on the floor, a focal accent wall, a backsplash, custom pedicure base or any place unexpected!

Not only are they a durable surface but they add a luxurious ambiance to any space.   Do not fear, improvements over the years have made installation a snap for mosaics that used to be tedious and time consuming.  Depending on the complexity of your project you may or may not need a professional tile installer.

Spa Mosaic Glass and Porcelain Tile mfr: Graniti FiandreNothing says spa more than the look of green glass and natural stone!  This porcelain tile is made to look like natural stone but with none of the maintenance.   Get the look! A modern way to create interest and texture with classic materials that won’t  go out of style.

Pebble Tiles by Graniti FiandreBring some outdoors in with the look of these natural pebble stone mosaic tiles!  If you want to add a more modern drama, kick it up a notch with these metal pebble mosaics.  The smooth finish is unexpected and creates a bold statement.  Definitely one of my fav’s, pebble tiles add nature’s warmth whether you want to add a  little tropical flavor or create a tranquil rustic refuge.  They do contain “magic” that can transform an ordinary space into one that takes my mind to a place of relaxation.

Graniti Fiandre at Spa StyleNot your ordinary porcelain tile!  This subtle wave pattern in two variations creates interest and and sophistication with the simple color palette and smooth finish.  Add a contrasting grout to show off the curving lines of this unique tile.  Just another way porcelain tile has reinvented itself!

Mosaic Tiles by Graniti Fiandre at Spa StyleNew Trend Product Alert:  If you thought glass mosaics were amazing then take a look at some of the newest products that actually combine the gorgeous look of glass with the elegant look of natural stone.  You will start seeing the mix of frosted, glossy, matte, and textured glass and stone mixes!  Play with the scale by using more linear patterns like the brick style shown on the left or even smaller 1/2″ x 1/2″ size to create a look all your own.

LED tile by Graniti Fiandre available at Spa StyleLook  for new products to hit the market which are integrating LED lighting into porcelain tile planks!  Above you can see an example of this state-of-the-art new product from the manufacturer Graniti Fiandre that comes in a couple of styles both with a flowing organic vibe.  Oh so spa, a must have- I think so!

Have you used mosaic tile to transform your space?  We’d love to hear from you!