Creating a memorable & relaxing atmosphere is an important part of every spa owner’s business, and the spa lunch is no exception.  Whether you offer a few snacks or a full menu, taking a little extra time to prepare a beautiful table setting will make your guests feel extra special and pampered.


Create a fresh color scheme with napkins, artful vases, bright blossoms, and natural elements.

Intimate Outdoor Dining from Sunset Magazine

If you have an outdoor space available, create an intimate outdoor dining area.  Add drama and sweetness with flickering candle light – and don’t forget the bug repellent!  For a natural alternative to pesticides, try Mosquito Barrier – – an all natural garlic spray  (Don’t worry, a few minutes after being sprayed people can no longer smell the garlic!)

Tara Domes

Keep your delectable dishes and desserts safe outdoors with Tara Glass Domes.

Table Setting by Colleen Mullaney

An inspiring table setting by Colleen Mullaney.

If you haven’t already added spa lunches and snacks to your menu, consider introducing catered snacks and lite lunches to your spa packages.