Namaste Spa Friends

Some of you may not know, but I’m originally just a small town girl who’s now living in a big SPA WORLD…Life’s adventures have taken me to the Windy City-Chicago where I now reside as fab Spa designer (if I do say so myself)!  My passion for design, people, and nature is what keeps me going.  People ask me all the time where do you draw inspiration?  What’s your design philosophy?  It’s simple.  I look for ways to help people connect to their interior spaces.  As spa designers we can do this many ways.  I draw from nature to help create inspirational, well-balanced and healing spaces.  Follow my Journey as I give advice, inspiration and insight into the spa world as seen only thru my eyes.

 Valerie’s  Spa Design Rules:   # 1- Nature is always in fashion!

Nature is everywhere in everything we do.  If you want people to relax and to connect to your space look around you, do you see nature?  Evaluate your space, send me pics, questions, or comments on how you use nature in life and your spa!

….As we Say at Spa Style, Inc. – Keep it Spa, Keep it Style, and Keep it REAL