Just call me, “TheSpaDude”, (Scott is also o.k.).  It is a pleasure to work with some of the most talented, and creative designers in the world!  And being the lone male in the group, I feel like I have been hiding in the shadows for too long and would like to give some male perspective to the spa scene.

Of course, the spa industry is predominantly a female industry.   Women mainly visit and operate day spas, but recently men have realized the benefits of going to spas as well.  A few very simple and basic ideas/concepts will attract more male clients and keep them returning for more.

Having spa services specifically for the men will make them feel appreciated.  For example, maybe you offer a facial treatment that targets problems associated from facial shaving.


Or have a “sports type” deep tissue massage that tired, achy, athletic muscles would love!

On the Design side, obviously if you are going with an ALL pink interior, don’t expect to attract many male clients.  But if your spa does have a very “girly” feel you might be able to attract more men by having an area that is at least gender neutral in design and color.  You can never go wrong with natural, earthy colors/tones and or textures like some stone or slate.  Throw in a couple really comfy leather chairs with a flat-screen TV and the men might never leave!

I think that’s enough for now, until next time!  -“TheSpaDude”