Namaste Spa Friends

Some of you may not know, but I’m originally just a small town girl who’s now living in a big SPA WORLD…Life’s adventures have taken me to the Windy City-Chicago where I now reside as fab Spa designer (if I do say so myself)!  My passion for design, people, and nature is what keeps me going.  People ask me all the time where do you draw inspiration?  What’s your design philosophy?  It’s simple.  I look for ways to help people connect to their interior spaces.  As spa designers we can do this many ways.  I draw from nature to help create inspirational, well-balanced and healing spaces.  Follow my Journey as I give advice, inspiration and insight into the spa world as seen only thru my eyes.

 Valerie’s  Spa Design Rules:   # 1- Nature is always in fashion!

Nature is everywhere in everything we do.  If you want people to relax and to connect to your space look around you, do you see nature?  Evaluate your space, send me pics, questions, or comments on how you use nature in life and your spa!

….As we Say at Spa Style, Inc. – Keep it Spa, Keep it Style, and Keep it REAL

Transform the ordinary into something extraordinary with the power of mosaics.  These tiles comes in just about any imaginable color, size, and finish.  Use them on the floor, a focal accent wall, a backsplash, custom pedicure base or any place unexpected!

Not only are they a durable surface but they add a luxurious ambiance to any space.   Do not fear, improvements over the years have made installation a snap for mosaics that used to be tedious and time consuming.  Depending on the complexity of your project you may or may not need a professional tile installer.

Spa Mosaic Glass and Porcelain Tile mfr: Graniti FiandreNothing says spa more than the look of green glass and natural stone!  This porcelain tile is made to look like natural stone but with none of the maintenance.   Get the look! A modern way to create interest and texture with classic materials that won’t  go out of style.

Pebble Tiles by Graniti FiandreBring some outdoors in with the look of these natural pebble stone mosaic tiles!  If you want to add a more modern drama, kick it up a notch with these metal pebble mosaics.  The smooth finish is unexpected and creates a bold statement.  Definitely one of my fav’s, pebble tiles add nature’s warmth whether you want to add a  little tropical flavor or create a tranquil rustic refuge.  They do contain “magic” that can transform an ordinary space into one that takes my mind to a place of relaxation.

Graniti Fiandre at Spa StyleNot your ordinary porcelain tile!  This subtle wave pattern in two variations creates interest and and sophistication with the simple color palette and smooth finish.  Add a contrasting grout to show off the curving lines of this unique tile.  Just another way porcelain tile has reinvented itself!

Mosaic Tiles by Graniti Fiandre at Spa StyleNew Trend Product Alert:  If you thought glass mosaics were amazing then take a look at some of the newest products that actually combine the gorgeous look of glass with the elegant look of natural stone.  You will start seeing the mix of frosted, glossy, matte, and textured glass and stone mixes!  Play with the scale by using more linear patterns like the brick style shown on the left or even smaller 1/2″ x 1/2″ size to create a look all your own.

LED tile by Graniti Fiandre available at Spa StyleLook  for new products to hit the market which are integrating LED lighting into porcelain tile planks!  Above you can see an example of this state-of-the-art new product from the manufacturer Graniti Fiandre that comes in a couple of styles both with a flowing organic vibe.  Oh so spa, a must have- I think so!

Have you used mosaic tile to transform your space?  We’d love to hear from you!

Trend: Modern Organic with Green

Liven up your space with “spring green”, this seasons big color trend.    Happy and uplifting this warm tone will brighten your space for new life.   Best when used as a simple accent, this color in small doses will have a big impact.   Paint a drab wall or add a pretty vase with stems.  The mix of sleek shapes with natural organics is the right mix for creating an uplifting retreat.


Meaning of Green: Green is abundant in nature, growth, balance and harmony.  Change and transformation is necessary for growth, and so this ability to sustain changes is also a part of the energy of green.

Nature’s Inspiration:  gorgeous fern leaves.  This simple piece of wall art is a great way to add color without the commitment of paint.  Change out your artwork seasonally to inspire guests and to keep them engaged in the moment.   Find “Fernscape” spa artwork, at Spa

Liven up your spa refreshment center.  The Chlo Beverage Dispenser has two levels which makes it perfect for adding a pop of color with fruits or other natural products.  Coffee beans, nuts, or decorative accents would also add a fun new flavor to your space.

You can now shop by department or room type, a new feature for spa owners.  Check out new products and experience tips and trends.  Enjoy!

Breathtaking style will transform your spa interior into a soothing and tranquil environment.  Sky blues, cool grays, lavender accents, creamy whites.  An interior that fuses modern elements with zen details.  Organic simplicity, water elements, stainless steel construction.  Pure Spa—Pure Design—Engaging Decor.

Blomus Exterior SpaceCaptivating this tranquil space has all the elements for an relaxing spa.  Fusing of  fire and water elements against a soft warm color palette.  You immediately feel at ease.  The fusing of style is evident with the modern water feature and rustic wood floor.

Reclining BuddhaAdd a interesting sculpture for personal reflection,like this reclining Buddha from

Incorporate natural elements to help clients reconnect.  It can be as simple as this piece of artwork, or a vase of flowers set on a table. Check out the large variety of spa inspired organic artwork at

Reed VasesAdd tranquil spa blue but with accents like these reed bottle vases.  Perfect in a cluster to add interest and easily change up your interior style, even if just for the season!

Essential Feng Shui Tips for the Spa

Begin to understand some essential feng shui principles for the spa.  We spoke with Feng Shui Consultant, Beata Kulitskaya from Double Happiness Studio for insight.

  • Water features are both beautiful and essential for the spa.  They create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere; which also helps to activate the career area (main entrance).  Water features attract new clients and improve business. 

Asian Candle Water FountainAsian Candle Foutain – Visit http://www.spadecor for other tranquil water fountains

  • The location of the reception desk is very important to the well-being of both the employee and guests.  Locate the desk adjacent and not parallel to the front entrance.  The ideal location would be the Financial or Fame sector of the spa.
  • Use mirrors in spaces where you need to cure an awkward area, like a narrow hallway or a dead end room.   A mirror directly across from the main entrance/door will cause the positive energy to move away and negatively influence the business.

Delroy MirrorThe Delroy Mirror– Visit for a variety of fabulous mirrors

  • The use of color in achieving a well balanced space is key.  Colors play an important role in creating positive and welcoming environment in the spa.  Too little or too much of any element changes the balance and interior atmosphere.  Artwork is an easy way to bring in different colors and help create the proper balance and harmony needed for the spa.

Tranquil Afternoon ArtworkTranquil Afternoon Artwork- find amazing art for your space

  • Keeping your central (health sector)  spa area clean, organized, and beautiful will promote a healthy environment, especially for clients who come to the spa for healing purposes.
  • The ideal location for the owner’s office is in the Financial, Relationship, or Fame sector of the spa.  Make sure to keep the location of the desk in a commanding position.  This allows you to see everyone who is entering the office.
  • When talking about the different sectors of the spa, the relationship sector (far right corner) is very important.  This area should be beautiful and clean to promote healthy relationships between the owner and clients, the owner and staff, and the staff and clients.  A happy staff will always attract happy clients who will be eager to return for services again and again.

Double Happiness Feng Shui Studio

Double Happiness Studio provides Feng Shui consultations for residential and commercial spaces. Feng Shui is decoration with the purpose to create a harmonious, healthy environment to be more successful, happy and productive in life. Beata Kulitskaya, the founder, draws from an international base of training and experience to provide recommendations and solutions tailored to each individual client.  Her practice is based in Glen Ellyn, IL  and works with clients throughout the Chicago metro area. Visit her website to learn more about Feng Shui and her practice: .

Color Trend: Spicy reds, browns, and pinks are the color of the season.  Accent your spa with comforting details that romanticize your guests including a warm bath filled with fragrant colorful flowers, soft cushy slippers, aromatic candles and fresh blooms.  Embellish your couples retreat with bamboo cotton linens and global fusion of exotic harmonies and ambient grooves.  Finish it all with a touch of decadence: rose champaign and red velvet cupcakes.

Rich warm browns tones create a candlelit glow around the room.  Add new pamper me textures like plush linens, blankets, cozy slippers,  or sheer draperies to further the mood.  Great example of subtle use of seasonal colors with the fresh hot pink flower blooms floating in water, you can see it just melts your soul!

This spa interior has warm dramatic wood tones, a variety of textures, and what’s that- Yes, it’s Fucshia!  Add a little sophisticated fun with small pops of this youthful color to differentiate your spa-goers experience.  What an amazing place to travel for an out of this world experience!

Take retail sales to a new level this year!  Your spa interior will play a strong roll in this endeavor.  Start with an objective walk through your retail.  Does your environment effectively communicate your brand?  A consumer’s perspective will give you the necessary insight to initiate change that leads to increased retail sales.

If your shelves are too sparse fill them in with organics, baskets, decorative vases or shelf-talkers to compliment the product.  If your shelves are too cluttered, neatly organize products so that they are visually appealing according to color, size, and type.

Benefit from display tables with tiered levels and seasonal foliage that encourage shopping, browsing and buying.  Add well-lit window displays that effectively communicate with anyone passing by.

Wall units take on a new life when a retail graphic is placed above it.  A retail graphic visually organizes the display, communicates your brand and draws immediate attention to the products.

Diffuse a subtle fragrance into your retail space.  The sense of smell is very powerful and major retailers have recognized this for years.  A familiar, comfortable scent that compliments your products and your interior can be a useful tool for enticing sales.

For great return on little investment, paint a wall!  Choose a feel-good color that compliments your products.

Nourish Retail Experience

Love the signage and graphics.  Minimalist displays effectively merchandise the luxury products.

Christopher Charles Retail Environment

We love the retail pods, a great way to introduce product testing with mirrors & graphics into the retail.  The soft warm colors compliment the products.  Back lit retail displays add interest and entice shoppers.

FaceLogic Retail Display

This a great example of a well stocked and organized retail display.  Approachable and attractive.

H2T Retail Environment

Round hanging signage and graphics are so cool!  Bold colors and signage organizes the products.

The Red Cottage Retail Environment

Sculpted Fleur Di Les retail panel in sky blue is gorgeous and unique drawing attention to the products.  This retail system is flexible and makes it easy to have neatly organized retail.

Blissful Med Spa Retail Environment

Captivating, this retail display is back-lit. The wall color compliments the products and their brand emphasizing the specialty retail products.