Dress to impress with unique spa fashions for today’s spa interior.  Be chic with exotic woods, classic details and that one shiny statement piece. 

Embellish the look with copper taffeta and floral flocking. 

Label lovers rejoice!  Kashwere’s throw is heavenly soft with stylish good looks. 

Kashwere Throw $135

Remember, tailoring is everything:  combine upholstered pieces with fine fabrics for a perfect fit. 

Daph Lounger $2292

 A stunning center-piece adorned with jewels is a girl’s best friend.  Simply fabulous darling!

Ellouise Bouquet $780

I am loving the spa interior movement that is putting out environments that cannot be defined by a particular style class.  These environments  are sophisticated, fashion-forward and timeless.  Case and point:  this Portuguese spa and haven, situated in a historical building in the heart of Lisbon’s old town is adorned with classic styles (Eames, Gehry) and vintage pieces while fusing modern touches with rich pallets.  The flux from light and airy to exotic and almost primitive demonstrates typical Portuguese flair and fashion yet keeps us guessing.

Modern Mix of Classic Style and Vintage Pieces.

Eclectic Decor has rich pallets and vibrant color.

The salon is light and airy in direct contrast with the spa rooms.

Oh, and be sure to check out the spa owner’s brilliant 2010 Summer Fashion Collection.   I’ll take one of each!