Our team of interior designers specializes in spa and medical spa design.  One of our most rewarding projects was creating the spa-inspired environment for the newly opened Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Women’s Mammogram and Ultrasound department.  

Diagnostic waiting area is soothing & relaxing.

Our goal was to enhance the patient experience with spa-inspired  interior design details that effectively promotes wellness, provides comfort and reduces patient anxiety while maintaining the highest level of standards for a professional clinical environment.

Unexpected and special details decrease patient stress.

Through effective and strategic design each patient is cared for in a soothing, nurturing and comfortable environment where every detail was created to reduce stress, promote wellness and facilitate healing.

Reading corner in women's mammogram & ultrasound lounge area.

 Our services included conceptual design and development, space planning, lighting design, color analysis, artwork and wall decor, detailed accessorizing, furniture selection, procurement and staging.

Patient's are offered cucumber and lemon-infused water.

Inspired by the spa industry, medical facilities are changing to be more calming and relaxing, one that postively effects how patients respond to treatments, connect to their environment and heal the mind, body and spirit. 

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