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Sneak Peak Introduction!  Our Stella Pedicure Chair will debut in 2013 for today’s nail spas and salons.  Features a jetless pedicure sink and fully integrated wing back pedicure chair that adds elegance, sophistication and partial privacy allowing for either solitute or social settings.  Available in custom finishes and fabrics to fit any decor.

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New for 2013!

New for 2013!

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Water has been used as a source of healing since ancient times.  Ancient Roman public bath houses included baths and steam rooms and was a place where people would relax and socialize, and the mineral springs of  Spa, Belgium became a place of healing and health as early as the 14th century.  Even the word “spa” originates from the Latin phrase “Salvs per aquae” which translates to “healing through water.”  The benefits of bathing in hot springs has been well known for centuries and help us to relax tired muscles, heal skin ailments, and can even be drunk as a tonic to cleanse the body.  Many modern European spas still incorporate water and hydrotherapy as a vital  part of wellness and the spa experience, while in the United States water therapies tend to be viewed as a luxury.  Adding hydrotherapy to your spa is a great way to enhance your spa services and add value to your business.  A relaxing mineral soak, steam treatment, or Swiss shower before a massage treatment helps to relax the muscles for your clients and rid the body of impurities.  Your spa patrons will leave feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated with the addition of these healing therapies.

Let’s a do a quick rundown of  water therapies used in the spa.  The first and most well known are the Greek, Roman, and Turkish bath houses.  In these bath houses patrons would go through steam or sauna rooms with gradually increasing heat, then cool off in a cold room at the end.  They would then receive a massage and scrub down, and relax in a warm room before leaving.  These bath houses were places to socialize and unwind, and were the beginning of today’s modern spa treatments.

Therme Vals Hot Spring in Switzerland

Today the traditional bath house treatments have been reinterpreted into water journeys and wellness resorts.  In a water journey spa-goers travel through pools, steam rooms, saunas, and spa showers with varying temperatures and massage therapies.  They are then treated to the massage of their choice.  Wellness resorts built near hot springs featuring soaking pools and various wellness treatments using natural remedies can be found throughout the world.  They are especially popular in Germany where people escape the daily grind to rejuvenate or seek physical therapy in what they called the “kur”.

Swiss and Vichy showers were developed at the spas near the natural springs in Switzerland and France.  Swiss showers feature and overhead shower and vertical shower heads that alternate warm and cold water for an invigorating experience.  Vichy showers are mounted horizontally above a bed on which the client lays face down and simulates rain fall.  Vichy showers and Swiss showers are gaining popularity in the United States and when done correctly are a fantastic addition to spa services.  Depending on where your spa is located these showers can be used with mineral spring water or warmed sea water to add even more restorative properties to the treatment.

Executive Retreats Vichy Shower in Australia
Executive Retreats Vichy Shower in Australia

The simplest way to add hydrotherapy to your spa is with a soaking tub or whirlpool.  With this simple addition you can create dozens of beneficial treatments.  Herbal baths like the Krauter bath sooth aches and pains, while dips in hot and cold baths cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system.  Spas also  add dead sea salts or mineral salts, and even have entire baths of warm mineral or sea water. Jetted tubs offer the additional benefit of massage to the bathing experience.

Traditional Japanese Ofuro Tub

The health benefits and calming affects of water treatments can’t be denied, and adding hydrotherapy is a great way to add variety to your spa menu.  What great hydrotherapy treatments have you incorporated into your spa?

We are loving this beautiful new pedicure sink now available for today’s nail spa and salon.   The first ceramic vessel-style sink on the market made specifically for pedicures!   It is truly a modern classic that will fit into any decor and the generously sized round sink with a flat bottom is the ideal size and shape.

The properties of ceramic make this an ideal basin for pedicures.  The non-porous sealed surface prevents bacteria from penetrating so your sink is sanitary.  It is easy to clean and low maintenance with a smooth touchable surface and flat bottom so that it is comfortable for the feet.

Another reason to love this sink?  It is hand-made and a sustainable green product made of recylced and all natural materials with a coating that has no VOC’s so the bowl is toxin-free! 

This vessel pedicure sink gives you creative freedom in design with multiple installation layouts:  use with a cushy-chair, a built-in bench or your unique design.   Available in white and black.  Custom colors upon request.

Specifications:  Model No. CL-1800, 18″ diameter, 8.5″ high with drain hole.


Our team of interior designers specializes in spa and medical spa design.  One of our most rewarding projects was creating the spa-inspired environment for the newly opened Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Women’s Mammogram and Ultrasound department.  

Diagnostic waiting area is soothing & relaxing.

Our goal was to enhance the patient experience with spa-inspired  interior design details that effectively promotes wellness, provides comfort and reduces patient anxiety while maintaining the highest level of standards for a professional clinical environment.

Unexpected and special details decrease patient stress.

Through effective and strategic design each patient is cared for in a soothing, nurturing and comfortable environment where every detail was created to reduce stress, promote wellness and facilitate healing.

Reading corner in women's mammogram & ultrasound lounge area.

 Our services included conceptual design and development, space planning, lighting design, color analysis, artwork and wall decor, detailed accessorizing, furniture selection, procurement and staging.

Patient's are offered cucumber and lemon-infused water.

Inspired by the spa industry, medical facilities are changing to be more calming and relaxing, one that postively effects how patients respond to treatments, connect to their environment and heal the mind, body and spirit. 

For more information on “Spa Style for Health and Wellness”:  Click Here

After recently attending the grand opening and launch for The Hand & Foot Spa in London’s Chelsea, my feet and hands were happy even while jet lag set in.   The exclusive event was filled with celebration, champagne, canapes, entertainment and plenty of hand and foot treatments!   Adding to the excitement  was seeing our completed design work and custom furniture, in collaboration with owner              Donna Haar-Jorgensen’s vision, come to life.  

Owner Donna Haar-Jorgensen (left) celebrates with guests and friendly staff.

The vibe was cool and the scene was happening as everyone came together to welcome The Hand & Foot Spa’s third and flagship location into London’s Chelsea.

Custom bar stools at the Hand & Foot Spa are sleek and modern

Donna’s vision was a modern and stylish space that would enhance the ultimate experience in hand and foot care.  The result is an environment that offers an unrivalled level of service, expert knowledge and the strictest standards of clinical hygiene while ensuring that guests leave feeling relaxed and pampered.

Our custom-made spa pedicure chairs deliver the ultimate in luxury foot care!

These beautiful spa pedicure chairs were created and engineered by our design team, made here in the USA and journeyed via truck, then train and then sea vessel to arrive on the shores of England.  They apparently liked the trip!
What else made the voyage?   Custom lounge seating, guest chairs, pedicure benches, pedi-tech stools, handbag trolleys, wall coverings, mosaic tile, custom drapery panels, accent pillows, a beverage dispenser and a scent machine!
The Hand & Foot Spa’s extensive menu of services offers everything from an express manicure to a luxurious 65 minute deep conditioning pedicure, podiatry, men’s services, nail enhancements and more.

The Orb warm oil and wax hand treatment was fabulous!

 With the  furniture and equipment now set in place and comfortable in their new home, the Hand and Foot Spa is a welcome place for guests to enjoy for years to come.
I’ve settled back into the warm summer weather of Chicago and thinking that I am ready for a pedicure once again. 
          Hmmm….maybe British Airways has a flight available tonight?
Wishing the Hand & Foot Spa success & best wishes for their new flagship location!

Punchy colors and bold stripes are right on target for spring!   Detox those darks and step into fresh and fun with my fashion inspiration for today’s spa interior!

Kate Spade's Spring Collection

The Fresh Hotel & Spa in Athens is multi-colored, sleek and light.

Spring is clean! Murad’s Clean Scene skincare collection is bold and bright.

I don’t know about you but these happy colors have put me in a very good mood.  Welcome to spring! 

I can’t help it… I am a huge fan of luxury vinyl flooring for spas and salons.  It’s my all time favorite go-to flooring  product when I am creating a salon and spa environment.   The reasons are simple:  exceptional peformance and beauty.

A high quality luxury vinyl is quiet and comfortable to walk on.  It doesn’ t chip, crack, splinter or fade.  It is impervious to water and highly resistant to tints, bleaches and perms.  It is mildew and odor resistant, easy to install and easy to maintain.   Need I say more?   Check out Amtico brand’s awesome products (my fav):



You can use a luxury vinyl floor in the retail/reception area, treatment room, hallway and lounge area because of the exceptional performance these products offer.

Luxury vinyl flooring is available in an amazing amount of colors and collections from classic to contemporary with varying finishes and textures.

Another benefit?  Amtico brand’s flooring products are sustainable and are an eco-friendly choice for a “green” interior.

The wood vinyls are very authentic looking and come in a huge variety of wood types from Wenge to Oak.  This treatment room features a luxury vinyl maple flooring product. 

So check it out!

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