The newly-opened Hand and Foot Spa on the Fulham Road, presents American Girl with the perfect opportunity to redeem the less groomed amongst us.



Just call me, “TheSpaDude”, (Scott is also o.k.).  It is a pleasure to work with some of the most talented, and creative designers in the world!  And being the lone male in the group, I feel like I have been hiding in the shadows for too long and would like to give some male perspective to the spa scene.

Of course, the spa industry is predominantly a female industry.   Women mainly visit and operate day spas, but recently men have realized the benefits of going to spas as well.  A few very simple and basic ideas/concepts will attract more male clients and keep them returning for more.

Having spa services specifically for the men will make them feel appreciated.  For example, maybe you offer a facial treatment that targets problems associated from facial shaving.


Or have a “sports type” deep tissue massage that tired, achy, athletic muscles would love!

On the Design side, obviously if you are going with an ALL pink interior, don’t expect to attract many male clients.  But if your spa does have a very “girly” feel you might be able to attract more men by having an area that is at least gender neutral in design and color.  You can never go wrong with natural, earthy colors/tones and or textures like some stone or slate.  Throw in a couple really comfy leather chairs with a flat-screen TV and the men might never leave!

I think that’s enough for now, until next time!  -“TheSpaDude”

At Spa Style we’re always looking for new unique items to add to our offerings, and just recently we were lucky enough to be introduced to the inspiring artwork of Barbara Westfall.  Barbara is an artist and curator who specializes in creating works of art that focus on the connection between art, people, and the natural environment.  We feature her Reflections On Water Reliefs, handmade sculptures inspired by water, plants, and sunlight.  To create these unique pieces Barbara layers acrylic paint, hundreds of layered fused glass pendants, and natural willow branches, resulting in luminous, textural, beautiful works of art.

Estuaries #1

Blue Ponds #2

Mangroves #1

To learn more about Barbara’s work and art, visit her webpage

It’s mid April and although Spring officially began a few weeks ago, Chicago’s weather didn’t get the message.  We woke up to snow this morning and it’s making me wish more and more for warm, sunny days and time spent outside.  Here are some beautiful outdoor spa spaces  to get my mind off our wintery morning, and to inspire your dream spa.

The Nusa Dua Westin Resort in Bali outdoor massage pagodas.  The warm orange massage bedding really adds drama to this already beautiful space.

The Mykonos Grand in Greece at sunset.

This massage room at the Four Season Koh Samui in Thailand blends nature with their interior with tall open windows overlooking the forest.  The combination leaves the space feeling private and warm, while still having the airiness of the outdoors.

I couldn’t help but share this beautiful outdoor bath at the Madikwe Hills Private Lodge in Africa.  Kick back, relax, and wait for an elephant to stroll by!

Meditation space at the Blue Palace Elouda Spa in Crete, Greece.

I also had to share this amazing lounge area at the Blue Palace in Crete.  Such a striking architectural space, you’ll feel like you’re sipping wine with the gods at this Grecian retreat.

Punchy colors and bold stripes are right on target for spring!   Detox those darks and step into fresh and fun with my fashion inspiration for today’s spa interior!

Kate Spade's Spring Collection

The Fresh Hotel & Spa in Athens is multi-colored, sleek and light.

Spring is clean! Murad’s Clean Scene skincare collection is bold and bright.

I don’t know about you but these happy colors have put me in a very good mood.  Welcome to spring! 

Namaste Spa Friends

Some of you may not know, but I’m originally just a small town girl who’s now living in a big SPA WORLD…Life’s adventures have taken me to the Windy City-Chicago where I now reside as fab Spa designer (if I do say so myself)!  My passion for design, people, and nature is what keeps me going.  People ask me all the time where do you draw inspiration?  What’s your design philosophy?  It’s simple.  I look for ways to help people connect to their interior spaces.  As spa designers we can do this many ways.  I draw from nature to help create inspirational, well-balanced and healing spaces.  Follow my Journey as I give advice, inspiration and insight into the spa world as seen only thru my eyes.

 Valerie’s  Spa Design Rules:   # 1- Nature is always in fashion!

Nature is everywhere in everything we do.  If you want people to relax and to connect to your space look around you, do you see nature?  Evaluate your space, send me pics, questions, or comments on how you use nature in life and your spa!

….As we Say at Spa Style, Inc. – Keep it Spa, Keep it Style, and Keep it REAL

I can’t help it… I am a huge fan of luxury vinyl flooring for spas and salons.  It’s my all time favorite go-to flooring  product when I am creating a salon and spa environment.   The reasons are simple:  exceptional peformance and beauty.

A high quality luxury vinyl is quiet and comfortable to walk on.  It doesn’ t chip, crack, splinter or fade.  It is impervious to water and highly resistant to tints, bleaches and perms.  It is mildew and odor resistant, easy to install and easy to maintain.   Need I say more?   Check out Amtico brand’s awesome products (my fav):



You can use a luxury vinyl floor in the retail/reception area, treatment room, hallway and lounge area because of the exceptional performance these products offer.

Luxury vinyl flooring is available in an amazing amount of colors and collections from classic to contemporary with varying finishes and textures.

Another benefit?  Amtico brand’s flooring products are sustainable and are an eco-friendly choice for a “green” interior.

The wood vinyls are very authentic looking and come in a huge variety of wood types from Wenge to Oak.  This treatment room features a luxury vinyl maple flooring product. 

So check it out!