We are re-inventing the spa pedicure chair world with innovative, furniture-style pedicure chairs that are luxurious, stylish, comfortable and beautifully made in the USA.  Meet our shing stars Audrey & Tiffany!

Audrey Spa Pedicure Chair is the true definition of elegance with all of the class and sophistication of its namesake. The enclosed sides and top offers guests privacy while the classic shape enhances the architectural quality of any room.  Completely customizable, the Audrey chair can adapt to many different color palettes and patterns. The pipeless whirlpool sink is pure, clean, and quiet with an LED color changing light. Our unprecedented, custom quality can be both seen and felt in the Audrey chair.


Truly a girl’s best friend, the Tiffany pedicure chair is endlessly versatile with its distinctively scalloped corner and optional inlaid fabric possibilities. The asymmetrical pillow configuration and thoughtfully placed buttons add a designer’s touch to the high level of comfort.  The included jetless ceramic pedicure bowl enhances the luxury of the Tiffany experience.


When you are creating your nail spa or salon environment look for statement pieces that will enhance your brand and make a marketable difference from your competition.  Visit www.spa-pedicure-chair.com for more styles and spa pedicure furniture ideas!