I can’t help it… I am a huge fan of luxury vinyl flooring for spas and salons.  It’s my all time favorite go-to flooring  product when I am creating a salon and spa environment.   The reasons are simple:  exceptional peformance and beauty.

A high quality luxury vinyl is quiet and comfortable to walk on.  It doesn’ t chip, crack, splinter or fade.  It is impervious to water and highly resistant to tints, bleaches and perms.  It is mildew and odor resistant, easy to install and easy to maintain.   Need I say more?   Check out Amtico brand’s awesome products (my fav):



You can use a luxury vinyl floor in the retail/reception area, treatment room, hallway and lounge area because of the exceptional performance these products offer.

Luxury vinyl flooring is available in an amazing amount of colors and collections from classic to contemporary with varying finishes and textures.

Another benefit?  Amtico brand’s flooring products are sustainable and are an eco-friendly choice for a “green” interior.

The wood vinyls are very authentic looking and come in a huge variety of wood types from Wenge to Oak.  This treatment room features a luxury vinyl maple flooring product. 

So check it out!   www.Amtico.com

We are excited to share our professional expertise about spa flooring!   This will be one of several posts discussing this topic.  In terms of construction, flooring is one of the biggest investments that you will make.  Stay with us over the next couple of months and we’ll cover the gammit of spa flooring options.

For today, we’ll start with carpeting.  Yes, carpeting is a worthwhile option for the spa!   While the idea of carpeting sounds scary to most, it can play a significant role in the success of your interior.

Spa owner selected carpet for their reception and retail area

This spa features a commercial grade carpet in the reception and retail area.  While this may seem a bit unorthodox,  it suited this owner’s particular purpose.  They wanted a quiet, warm feeling upon entering the space.  It also works here because the spa is located on a second level within an office building so customers would not be tracking in dirt as they might do when a space is at street level.

Carpeting down this spa hall was accented with a mosaic tile border and uplighting

Carpeting can also be used down spa corridors and hallways even lounge rooms.  It is great for comfort, warmth and sound absorption.   I would not recommend carpeting for treatment rooms as sanitation and mobility of work carts and task chairs is key in those rooms.  More options for treatment rooms to come in upcoming posts~!

Carpet tiles are a great option for spas as they are hard-wearing, easily replaceable and stylish.  If part of a carpet becomes stained or ruined, you can easily take up the tile and replace it with a new tile for a low cost fix.  We love these carpet tiles by Shaw Contract because of their organic patterns that imitate nature.  They are also eco-friendly and BONUS! they come with a lifetime warranty.

We always reommend commercial-grade, whether you are considering a broadloom carpet or a carpet tile  because of their durabilty and extensive warranties.   Carpet style options have evolved over the past several years, colors are more vibrant and patterns are more unique so that you can make a great statement in your spa. 

Imagine a landscape indoors.  So what do you think?  Would you select carpeting for areas within your spa interior?  Send us a note at the start of this post.