We are re-inventing the spa pedicure chair world with innovative, furniture-style pedicure chairs that are luxurious, stylish, comfortable and beautifully made in the USA.  Meet our shing stars Audrey & Tiffany!

Audrey Spa Pedicure Chair is the true definition of elegance with all of the class and sophistication of its namesake. The enclosed sides and top offers guests privacy while the classic shape enhances the architectural quality of any room.  Completely customizable, the Audrey chair can adapt to many different color palettes and patterns. The pipeless whirlpool sink is pure, clean, and quiet with an LED color changing light. Our unprecedented, custom quality can be both seen and felt in the Audrey chair.


Truly a girl’s best friend, the Tiffany pedicure chair is endlessly versatile with its distinctively scalloped corner and optional inlaid fabric possibilities. The asymmetrical pillow configuration and thoughtfully placed buttons add a designer’s touch to the high level of comfort.  The included jetless ceramic pedicure bowl enhances the luxury of the Tiffany experience.


When you are creating your nail spa or salon environment look for statement pieces that will enhance your brand and make a marketable difference from your competition.  Visit www.spa-pedicure-chair.com for more styles and spa pedicure furniture ideas!

After recently attending the grand opening and launch for The Hand & Foot Spa in London’s Chelsea, my feet and hands were happy even while jet lag set in.   The exclusive event was filled with celebration, champagne, canapes, entertainment and plenty of hand and foot treatments!   Adding to the excitement  was seeing our completed design work and custom furniture, in collaboration with owner              Donna Haar-Jorgensen’s vision, come to life.  

Owner Donna Haar-Jorgensen (left) celebrates with guests and friendly staff.

The vibe was cool and the scene was happening as everyone came together to welcome The Hand & Foot Spa’s third and flagship location into London’s Chelsea.

Custom bar stools at the Hand & Foot Spa are sleek and modern

Donna’s vision was a modern and stylish space that would enhance the ultimate experience in hand and foot care.  The result is an environment that offers an unrivalled level of service, expert knowledge and the strictest standards of clinical hygiene while ensuring that guests leave feeling relaxed and pampered.

Our custom-made spa pedicure chairs deliver the ultimate in luxury foot care!

These beautiful spa pedicure chairs were created and engineered by our design team, made here in the USA and journeyed via truck, then train and then sea vessel to arrive on the shores of England.  They apparently liked the trip!
What else made the voyage?   Custom lounge seating, guest chairs, pedicure benches, pedi-tech stools, handbag trolleys, wall coverings, mosaic tile, custom drapery panels, accent pillows, a beverage dispenser and a scent machine!
The Hand & Foot Spa’s extensive menu of services offers everything from an express manicure to a luxurious 65 minute deep conditioning pedicure, podiatry, men’s services, nail enhancements and more.

The Orb warm oil and wax hand treatment was fabulous!

 With the  furniture and equipment now set in place and comfortable in their new home, the Hand and Foot Spa is a welcome place for guests to enjoy for years to come.
I’ve settled back into the warm summer weather of Chicago and thinking that I am ready for a pedicure once again. 
          Hmmm….maybe British Airways has a flight available tonight?
Wishing the Hand & Foot Spa success & best wishes for their new flagship location!