Essential Feng Shui Tips for the Spa

Begin to understand some essential feng shui principles for the spa.  We spoke with Feng Shui Consultant, Beata Kulitskaya from Double Happiness Studio for insight.

  • Water features are both beautiful and essential for the spa.  They create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere; which also helps to activate the career area (main entrance).  Water features attract new clients and improve business. 

Asian Candle Water FountainAsian Candle Foutain – Visit http://www.spadecor for other tranquil water fountains

  • The location of the reception desk is very important to the well-being of both the employee and guests.  Locate the desk adjacent and not parallel to the front entrance.  The ideal location would be the Financial or Fame sector of the spa.
  • Use mirrors in spaces where you need to cure an awkward area, like a narrow hallway or a dead end room.   A mirror directly across from the main entrance/door will cause the positive energy to move away and negatively influence the business.

Delroy MirrorThe Delroy Mirror– Visit for a variety of fabulous mirrors

  • The use of color in achieving a well balanced space is key.  Colors play an important role in creating positive and welcoming environment in the spa.  Too little or too much of any element changes the balance and interior atmosphere.  Artwork is an easy way to bring in different colors and help create the proper balance and harmony needed for the spa.

Tranquil Afternoon ArtworkTranquil Afternoon Artwork- find amazing art for your space

  • Keeping your central (health sector)  spa area clean, organized, and beautiful will promote a healthy environment, especially for clients who come to the spa for healing purposes.
  • The ideal location for the owner’s office is in the Financial, Relationship, or Fame sector of the spa.  Make sure to keep the location of the desk in a commanding position.  This allows you to see everyone who is entering the office.
  • When talking about the different sectors of the spa, the relationship sector (far right corner) is very important.  This area should be beautiful and clean to promote healthy relationships between the owner and clients, the owner and staff, and the staff and clients.  A happy staff will always attract happy clients who will be eager to return for services again and again.

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