The newly-opened Hand and Foot Spa on the Fulham Road, presents American Girl with the perfect opportunity to redeem the less groomed amongst us.


Punchy colors and bold stripes are right on target for spring!   Detox those darks and step into fresh and fun with my fashion inspiration for today’s spa interior!

Kate Spade's Spring Collection

The Fresh Hotel & Spa in Athens is multi-colored, sleek and light.

Spring is clean! Murad’s Clean Scene skincare collection is bold and bright.

I don’t know about you but these happy colors have put me in a very good mood.  Welcome to spring! 

I can’t help it… I am a huge fan of luxury vinyl flooring for spas and salons.  It’s my all time favorite go-to flooring  product when I am creating a salon and spa environment.   The reasons are simple:  exceptional peformance and beauty.

A high quality luxury vinyl is quiet and comfortable to walk on.  It doesn’ t chip, crack, splinter or fade.  It is impervious to water and highly resistant to tints, bleaches and perms.  It is mildew and odor resistant, easy to install and easy to maintain.   Need I say more?   Check out Amtico brand’s awesome products (my fav):



You can use a luxury vinyl floor in the retail/reception area, treatment room, hallway and lounge area because of the exceptional performance these products offer.

Luxury vinyl flooring is available in an amazing amount of colors and collections from classic to contemporary with varying finishes and textures.

Another benefit?  Amtico brand’s flooring products are sustainable and are an eco-friendly choice for a “green” interior.

The wood vinyls are very authentic looking and come in a huge variety of wood types from Wenge to Oak.  This treatment room features a luxury vinyl maple flooring product. 

So check it out!   www.Amtico.com

When it comes to design, you may have heard the adage “lighting is everything”.  In a spa, this couldn’t be more relevant.  Here we are featuring our most intriguing line of lighting – the natural materials and soft diffused glow makes it seem as though each piece was made for the spa environment.  Not only do these precious gems add warmth and beauty, they also add ambiance, cast an enchanting glow, make an artistic statement, and forge a lasting impression.

Artistry, warmth , and beauty are reflected in the stunning design of these pieces.  Each unique fixture is woven of natural material and hand-painted.

The Nala wall sconce has a handcrafted natural fiber shade with a swirling organic pattern.  At 24 inches round, this generously size wall sconce can hold it’s own in larger rooms and corridors.

The undulating shape of these natural fiber tables lamps is accented with a pop of brightly painted floral vines.   Lovely!

Sophisticated and stunning!  Make a statement with bold black and white patterned lamps.

Our new Airbrush lamps cast a soothing glow through intricately woven grass shades.

Organic shape meets artful illumination.  The Serilia counter lamp balances art and light.  The subtle flower pattern creates a unique effect and adds an organic element your your spa’s interior.

Help your guests sink into a deeper state of relaxation with details that inspire comfort and transformation.  Accessorizing is one of the most important elements in a treatment room.  Simple or even elaborate, meaningful pieces will help your guests connect to the space.

Tip #1.  Find an empty corner.  An oversized urn next to a plentiful plant will fill in the space.  Drape a beautiful fabric to add warmth and comfort.  Plug-in an up-light behind the arrangment for maximum effect.

Tip #2.  Don’t be afraid to overdo it.  Add some shelving for displaying varying shapes of full-neck bottles, tall vases and an oblong container.  An exotic floral detail takes center stage when it is placed in one of the pieces.

Tip #3.  Add color.  The best place to commit to color is in your accessorizies.  As seasons come and go and trends change, update your space with new color to keep your guests interested and engaged for a big return on little investment.

Tip #4.  Decorate your walls.  Guests will appreciate the extra touch and thoughtfulness.  Use various mediums to adorn your walls such as this sculptural piece of nature for depth and character.

Tip #5.  Rock a cool counter lamp!  Your best bet for creating ambience and adding warmth.  We love this line for it’s handmade qualities of natural fibers.  It combines art with light for a unique and beautiful glow, perfect for any treatment room.

I am ready for a bright spring polish on my toes and comfy sandals on my feet.  It is 80 degrees in Chicago today!  I cannot think of a better time than now to blog about pedicure areas.  Our company has designed hundreds of pedicure units and pedicure departments.  There area so many options.  Jets, no jets.  Massage ?  Bench vs. throne.  What to do?  Most important is to brand your image with a look that fits your clientele and your environment.  Competition is fierce in the toe department so comfort is key.

This custom pedicure bench was designed to capture the views of the city and is located in a highrise building overlooking the skyline and Lake Michigan.  Mosaic glass tiles surround a drop-in pedicure sink that is self-cleaning with air jets.

Comfort is key to a great pedicure experience and comfort does not stop with the unit itself.  Interesting artwork in guest site lines, pillows and fabric panels soften the room and add interest.

Give your pedicure unit personality.  A great color, a high back, mosaic tiles.  Attract guests with a sense of fashion and style.

More personality!  Stone walls, great chandelier and posh seating.  Here, vessel sink units without jets were used.

Indirect lighting, solid surface materials, wing back seating.   These sophisticated units are easy to get in and out of and provide privacy without closing off the area. 

Proportion is also crucial on a custom pedicure unit.  The distance from the seat to the bowl, the location and depth of the bowl and the depth of the seat should all be considered.

For unique pedicure units and pedicure design services please contact us at 1-866-990-7750.  Or visit our website at www.pedicurebenches.com.

Dress to impress with unique spa fashions for today’s spa interior.  Be chic with exotic woods, classic details and that one shiny statement piece. 

Embellish the look with copper taffeta and floral flocking. 

Label lovers rejoice!  Kashwere’s throw is heavenly soft with stylish good looks. 

Kashwere Throw $135

Remember, tailoring is everything:  combine upholstered pieces with fine fabrics for a perfect fit. 

Daph Lounger $2292

 A stunning center-piece adorned with jewels is a girl’s best friend.  Simply fabulous darling!

Ellouise Bouquet $780

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