Sneak Peak Introduction!  Our Stella Pedicure Chair will debut in 2013 for today’s nail spas and salons.  Features a jetless pedicure sink and fully integrated wing back pedicure chair that adds elegance, sophistication and partial privacy allowing for either solitute or social settings.  Available in custom finishes and fabrics to fit any decor.

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New for 2013!

New for 2013!

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I am ready for a bright spring polish on my toes and comfy sandals on my feet.  It is 80 degrees in Chicago today!  I cannot think of a better time than now to blog about pedicure areas.  Our company has designed hundreds of pedicure units and pedicure departments.  There area so many options.  Jets, no jets.  Massage ?  Bench vs. throne.  What to do?  Most important is to brand your image with a look that fits your clientele and your environment.  Competition is fierce in the toe department so comfort is key.

This custom pedicure bench was designed to capture the views of the city and is located in a highrise building overlooking the skyline and Lake Michigan.  Mosaic glass tiles surround a drop-in pedicure sink that is self-cleaning with air jets.

Comfort is key to a great pedicure experience and comfort does not stop with the unit itself.  Interesting artwork in guest site lines, pillows and fabric panels soften the room and add interest.

Give your pedicure unit personality.  A great color, a high back, mosaic tiles.  Attract guests with a sense of fashion and style.

More personality!  Stone walls, great chandelier and posh seating.  Here, vessel sink units without jets were used.

Indirect lighting, solid surface materials, wing back seating.   These sophisticated units are easy to get in and out of and provide privacy without closing off the area. 

Proportion is also crucial on a custom pedicure unit.  The distance from the seat to the bowl, the location and depth of the bowl and the depth of the seat should all be considered.

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